Sidney Crosby Tests the New Reebok 11K Sickick III Hockey Stick

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Hockey's golden boy, Sidney Crosby, is off to a great start in the Penguins' 2010-11 campaign, and he's looking to make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals with the aid of his new twig.

With 21 games under his belt so far [as of Nov. 19], Crosby has already netted 14 goals and racked up 19 assists, placing him second in overall points early in this long NHL season. Although "Sid The Kid" has more talent in his right leg than most skaters have in the entire bodies, one weapon in his arsenal can be used by any hockey player: the new Reebok 11K Sickick III Hockey Stick.

Some may think "a stick is a stick is a stick," but the Reebok 11K stick much more to offer than that old wooden stick your dad wielded back in the day. Incorporating the latest graphite technology, the Reebok 11K stick is almost guaranteed to improve your shot and passing abilities.

Reebok 11K Stick

STACK's Favorite Features of the Reebok 11K Stick

Lightweight: Reebok's Pure Fiber Construction results in a true one-piece stick, thus eliminating overlapping materials, reducing weight and delivering a more consistent transfer of energy from the body to the stick.

Increased Shot Velocity: The shaft's dual matrix construction (patent pending) creates a spring-loaded effect at the kick point [lower part] of the shaft. This allows the stick to flex and bend, harnessing the power of the skater's shot as it drags behind [like a golf club], then dramatically increasing speed at contact with the puck, making for a faster, more explosive shot.

Reebok 11K Hockey Stick

Accurate Blade: A stiff core and more dimples on the surface help propel the puck in the skater's desired trajectory with more precision.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock