Simple Sport Supplement Tips for Beginners

These tips from STACK Expert Roger Lockridge will help you make informed choices when considering a sports supplement.

As exciting as the supplement ads are online and in magazines, you need to consider several things before ordering them. These sport supplements tips for beginners will go a long way in helping you make the best choices, save money, and make healthy progress, which can help you perform better in the weight room and on the field.

If You're Under 18, Talk to Your Doctor and Family

Simple Sport Supplements Tips for Beginners

You need to set an appointment and talk to your physician about your medical history, family history and which products you're considering so you can get the best possible insights on what you can expect from taking the supplements. Those words on the bottle might seem like legal jargon, but for the best interest of your long-term health, you need to take it seriously.

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Obviously if you're under 18, you should talk to your parents or guardians and get their permission to buy what you want to take. They can help you thoroughly research the product so you will know exactly what you'll be putting in your body.

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Talk to Your Coaches and League Officials

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All to often, an athlete tests positive for a banned substance and ruins his or her reputation. Normally, the athlete blames a supplement. Although the ingredients in supplements are legal, some of them may be banned by your organization if you play a sport; it would be a shame to tarnish your name following a failed test.

Talk to your coaches and the officials in your league about what you want to take. If they say no, don't take it. If they give consent, get that consent in writing before making your purchase. This might not absolve you if you have to deal with an issue later, but it might help, and you would be showing responsibility.

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Consider Your Nutrition, Training and Budget


If you're not following a sound nutrition plan and training properly, no supplement will help you reach your goals; you'll be wasting money. Make good nutrition your top priority, develop your training protocol, then consider supplementation. Speaking of money, the ads look cool and the reviews may be great, but at the end of the day, you shouldn't spend your hard earned money on supplements at the expense of whole foods and other basic needs. Take care of those needs first, then explore and find the products you want for the lowest prices available before making your final decision.

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