The 6 Pack Fitness Bag Can Help You Get a 6-Pack

STACK's Jon Bobel reviews the 6 Pack Fitness Elite Voyager 500 backback.

Elite Voyager 500 Backpack

First impression—this thing is huge! You have to be in fairly decent shape just to carry it around. It's essentially a portable locker. It's got a pocket for every device, accessory and article of clothing you can think of. I found that to be both a positive and a negative. Let me explain.

Quick background on why I use the 6 Pack Voyager 500: I am an avid CrossFitter and I started to eat Paleo the week I reviewed the bag. Unpacking the bag, I was initially shocked by its size; but it's all for a purpose. Besides holding my workout gear in a compartment with a rigid bottom (which I like because my oly lifting shoes fit in the space along with my clothes), the bag has a small "refrigerator" in the front—an ice pack and six plastic containers. Someone at work left old milk in the fridge over the weekend, so I was pretty grateful I could keep my food cold without having it contaminated by the milk odor.

Beyond the portable fridge and clothing compartment are a multitude of other pockets to hold your protein shake, media device, glasses, water bottle, shoes, laptop and additional gym supplies like a jump rope or wrist wraps. It essentially covers every base to become the only bag you need to keep up with a healthy diet and get to the gym on a busy schedule.

Therein lies one of the issues I had with the bag. It has everything, so it's useful for a subset of athletes but might be overkill for others. Since I want to eat better and control my diet, I enjoy the ability to carry healthy food around with me. This feature could be especially beneficial to MMA athletes looking to maintain weight, or bodybuilders who have strict dietary requirements.

For others though, throwing a few food containers in a duffel bag might be a preferred option. One small criticism of the included Tupperware™-style containers: they are quite hard to close. This goes back to carrying the thing—maybe it's meant for those who are already ripped? I commute to work by bike whenever possible, and the Voyager is too cumbersome to wear while riding. If you travel by car, no problem.

Bottom line: this is a great bag for athletes who are equally concerned with carrying lots of equipment and satisfying their unique dietary needs. For more info, visit

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