Why Does Colin Kaepernick Look So Skinny All of a Sudden?

The 49ers quarterback looks slimmed down to a surprising degree.

Part of what made Colin Kaepernick such an athletic marvel during the early part of his NFL career was his body. Kaepernick could run like a gazelle when the pocket broke down around him, his powerful frame turning him into an incredibly tall and shifty running back. His muscular arms allowed him to bomb away with the deep ball while hitting his wideouts in tight passing windows.

Despite rumors of a trade to the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns or Denver Broncos, Kaepernick remains a member of the San Francisco 49ers, but he had a rough 2015 season. He was benched for Blaine Gabbert and later placed on injured reserve  after electing to have surgery on a torn labrum in his left shoulder. Kaepernick has spent much of the off-season rehabbing, and, by his appearance in a recent photo, losing a ton of weight and muscle mass.

In an Instagram photo posted by Cole DeBoer, a cast member of MTV's "Teen Mom 2," Kaepernick, who is dating the show's host and stopped by the set recently, hardly resembles the chiseled, physical specimen he once was. He looks downright skinny. The change is most notable in his arms and chest, both which look to have shrunk considerably.

Colin Kaepernick

Here's another photo via the 49ers website, taken during the team's off-season practice on April 21. Kaepernick, in the background wearing the no. 7 black jersey, looks similarly slimmed down, both in his arms and legs.

Now, Kap was probably unable to do much working out or weightlifting while he recovered from labrum surgery. Rest and gradual rehab almost certainly took up most of his time this off-season, and he's only about four months removed from the original surgery. And of course, Kaepernick and his 49ers teammates will be playing this season under Chip Kelly's notoriously demanding up-tempo offensive scheme. Running back Carlos Hyde has also reportedly cut weight to get in shape for it. But still, Kaepernick's transformation seems drastic. Already under the microscope for his contract status and trade rumors, his surprising skinniness is the latest chapter of a very strange off-season for Kaepernick.

Skinny Colin Kaepernick

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock