Get Stronger With the SKOGG System

Train at home with the SKOGG System's four kettlebell workouts to build muscle and trim.

SKOGG SystemKettlebells are quickly becoming a favorite training tool among athletes; however, not many know how to get full benefits from them. The SKOGG System, designed by STACK Expert Michael Skogg, brings cutting-edge kettlebell workouts to you.

The SKOGG System is a five-disc DVD set that includes four workouts and an instructional program. The program is flexible enough to benefit those who have little workout experience and challenging enough for "warriors," who have spent years in the weight room. The only required piece of equipment is one kettlebell, which makes SKOGG a great home workout option.

The four workouts feature the same six kettlebell exercises: the Swing, Squat, Clean, High Pull, Clean and Press and Jerk (Skogg provides detailed instruction for each). All exercises are performed as a single-arm variations—hence the need for only one kettlebell—creating balanced strength on both sides of the body and challenging the core with each movement.

While it may seem counterintuitive to perform the same six exercises four times per week, the SKOGG System makes it work. The four workouts—Roots, Intervals, Ladders and Flow—require different rep patterns, which engage your muscles in different ways to continue building strength and trimming fat throughout the program.

We performed the SKOGG System for a month and found it to be an excellent, challenging program. Skogg does a great job of explaining the workouts and offering tips on technique to keep you focused. There's no doubt that these workouts are challenging. We were soaked with sweat by the end since Skogg had us constantly moving from exercise to exercise.

If you are looking for a killer home workout that will deliver strength gains and physique improvement, the SKOGG System is a great option for you. The five-disc set is available at for $79. For more ideas on how to get more out of your kettlebells, check out STACK's Kettlebell Guide.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock