Wrestlers: Improve Double-Leg Takedowns With Sled Pushes

Often used by football linemen, Sled Pushes are also a great training drill for wrestlers.

Sled Pushes are most commonly used by football players. However, pushing a sled in short intervals can also be very beneficial to wrestlers.

More specifically, Sled Pushes promote the leg drive needed to execute the "Power Double," a shot made popular in the late '90s by two-time national champion heavyweight and NFL guard Stephen Neal. The move is currently part of the training of Olympic champ Jordan Burroughs.

In the Power Double, the wrestler chooses to drive through his opponent rather than turning the corner or going for a lift.

Football coaches understand that with linemen, the low man always wins. It's also important to continue chopping the feet when trying to gain ground on an opponent. When developing speed, a sled helps you understand how to put force into the ground rapidly while maintaining a low center of gravity throughout the acceleration phase.

Performing this drill will help you develop the leg power needed to continue the linear drive into your opponent in spite of a sprawl, and the speed development to position yourself deep into the opponent before he can react with a counter.

Short Sled Pushes for Wrestlers

Improve Double-Leg Takedowns With Sled Pushes

Timed 6-Yard Sled Pushes

  • Start with bodyweight loads and progress up to double bodyweight loads over time.
  • Repeat 5-10 reps with full recovery to allow for peak performance.
  • Note: Weight should take not exceed the level at which the athlete takes longer than on second per yard.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock