Someone Created a LinkedIn Page for Tim Duncan and It's Hilarious

A fake LinkedIn page for Tim Duncan outlines the future Hall of Famers marketable skills.

Companies usually ask prospective employees whether they have special skills that pertain to the position they're applying for. Duncan, a five-time NBA champion and 15-time All-Star, has a particular set of skills. Basketball skills, that is.

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Recently, someone created a fake LinkedIn page for Tim Duncan, outlining his basketball skills in résumé-type language. Duncan, 40, retired from the NBA this past season after playing 19 years in the league. The page has since been taken down.

Passing the ball for assists and general ball movement? Duncan has that down pat. The future Hall of Famer  was an excellent passer in Spurs coach Gregg Popovich's pass-oriented offense, averaging three assists per game during his career.

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The image of Duncan "onboarding recently-traded-for-coworkers" is hilarious to imagine. Think about the easygoing Duncan as the first player to meet the Spurs' new players. In an office setting, Duncan would be the guy to get the company's new arrivals up to speed.

Also, engaging the locker room in Socratic Dialogue? Duncan was a psychology major at Wake Forest University, so he actually might have talked with his teammates about whether some concepts have universal meaning.

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Tim Duncan

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