Someone Paid $179,100 for a Signed Piece of the Court From Kobe's Final Game

One Kobe Bryant fan went all-in to secure a unique piece of memorabilia.

Kobe Bryant

No NBA fan will ever forget Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant's final game. The Black Mamba went off, scoring 60 points to produce the best finale in NBA history.

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In addition to all the tributes and gifts, the Lakers honored Kobe by painting the jersey numbers he wore during his career—8 and 24—on the court. After his epic game, Kobe signed pieces of the floor for fans to purchase. And one of those pieces just sold for a crazy amount of money— $179,100.

The high bidder wasn't the only one who went nuts for Kobe memorabilia. The Staples Center ended up selling $1.2 million in Bryant merchandise.

Kobe Bryant's Floor Piece

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock