Speed Endurance From Iowa State Wrestling

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The components of our wrestling speed work include: foot speed/quickness, reactive agility/movements, and overall total body speed, explosiveness and power. The goals of our training program are to be strong, quick and explosive within the diameter of the mat and to maintain them for the entire match.

With wrestling, the strength, power and speed you produce with your hips are major factors in being successful. Olympic lifts are some of the primary movements we perform. We want to be aggressive with the bar, train fast and focus on the speed of these movements.

Overall, I want our wrestlers to feel that a match is easy compared to our training. We want to be just as explosive and powerful in the third period as we were in the first.

Our pre-season training, as illustrated below, is designed to help you maintain strength and power.

Day 1 & Day 5
Medicine Ball Throws/Jumps/Hurdles; Core/Torso; Weight Training; Post-Workout Flexibility
Program Points: Med Ball Throws are performed for distance and explosion // Primary Jumps include weighted Squat Jumps, Depth Jumps, Broad Jumps and various Linear and Lateral Hurdle Jumps // Olympic lifts [Clean, Jerk and Snatch] are training movements that focus on extension through the ankles, knees and hips

Day 2 & Day 4
Conditioning/Endurance Training
Program Point: Two days per week are devoted to enhancing first- through third-period endurance and conditioning

Day 3
Dynamic Flexibility Warm-Up; Ladders/Dot Drills/Cone; Agility; Core/Torso; Weight Training; Post-Workout Flexibility
Program Point: Ladder Drills, Line Drills, Speed Jump Rope and Linear & Lateral Cone Drills are all for footwork

Day 6
Dynamic Flexibility Warm-Up; Total Body Strength and Endurance Circuit
Program Point: Circuit mimics endurance, strength and explosion required during a match

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