Speed exercise with North Carolina basketball

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By Scott Mackar

Improve your speed and leg strength to move faster when your back is to the basket.

The Drill:
Monster Walk w/ Lateral Resistance Band

Who Coaches It:
Jonas Sahratian, head strength and conditioning coach for the University of North Carolina

• Get in defensive stance with band around ankles
• With left leg, step back at 45-degree angle
• Step right leg back, so it's even with left
• Perform again, starting with right leg
• Cover 12 yards

Sets/Rest/Frequency: 3 sets/60 seconds/2 times a week


• Make sure your step back is controlled.
• Activate your abs and squeeze your glutes, keeping your shoulders square throughout the whole movement.
• Don't use your upper body. Let your hips and legs mobilize your body.
• To bring your opposite leg in line with the other, land on your toes first, then roll back to your heel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock