STACK Challenge: Spider-Man Push-Ups

Do Spider-Man Push-Ups for your chance to win a free T-shirt in the weekly STACK Challenge.

Spider-Man Push-Ups

Every week, a new STACK Challenge gives you an opportunity to test your athletic ability and win a STACK T-shirt. Take the challenge and enter to win a T-shirt by tweeting your results with #STACKChallenge.

Last week, we tested your upper-body strength and endurance with the Army Push-Up test. Now we're adding coordination and core strength with the tough Spider-Man Push-Up.

In this week's STACK Challenge, there's no time limit and no resting. Just gut out as many Spider-Man Push-Ups as you can without collapsing.

To complete a Spider-Man Push-Up:

  • Lower into a Push-Up while simultaneously bringing your right knee to your right elbow.
  • Drive out of the Push-Up while extending your right leg back to the starting position.
  • Repeat on your opposite side and continue in alternating fashion.

The Challenge

Complete as many Spider-Man Push-Ups as you can without resting.

How Do You STACK Up?

Rookie: Fewer than 12
Pro: 12-25
All-Star:  More than 25

STACK T-ShirtHow to Win a STACK T-Shirt

  1. Complete the challenge by March 30
  2. Follow STACK on Twitter (@stackmedia)
  3. Tweet your results and include #STACKChallenge

Congratulations to @Drew Brickwedde for winning last week's T-shirt by dominating the Army Push-Up test!

Get Better

Not an All-Star yet? Get better by incorporating these exercises into your workout:

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