Sports Networking With BragStats

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Nobody likes a braggart, but with BragStats, you can let your online profile do the talking.

The new sports-focused social networking site enables its members to showcase their talents and connect with fellow athletes across the country.

Is your team not getting local television and newspaper coverage? Be your own reporter by posting team statistics, game photos and highlight videos. With BragStats' Sports Calendar feature, users can also promote upcoming games and events.

Members can sync their BragStats pages directly with their Facebook and/or Twitter pages, facilitating an all-encompassing networking experience.

In an e-mail interview, BragStats co-founder John Cunningham wrote, "Sports are competitive but should also be fun, so we want to keep this perspective in all that we do. All athletes like to 'brag' about what they've done or are going to do, and we want to provide a healthy forum to encourage this."

So don't be bashful about your latest accomplishments. Head over to BragStats and sign up today. The basic athlete profile allows you to upload your stats, athletic and school info, as well as photos and video—all free of charge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock