Sports News You May Have Missed: Friday, March 8

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"News You May Have Missed" is a periodic roundup highlighting the some of the latest, but not necessarily the greatest, happenings in sports.

video gamer grandma

Photo courtesy of "The Week"

The Roundup

Did you see that some kid in Iowa ran the 40-Yard-Dash in 4.19?...

Conventional wisdom: "Train hard, eat right, and you'll perform." Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco? "Sign $120 million contract, eat Chicken McNuggets"…

STACK's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio gets yet another movie about a morose sports team trying to make good. (Everyone remembers Major League, right?) Only now instead of Charlie Sheen pitching for the Indians, it's Kevin Costner as GM of the Cleveland Browns

Oregon State University's football team got a new set of uni's this week from Nike, including a flashy new beaver

Our favorite headline of the week? "Why your grandma should start playing Xbox." That article is also home to our favorite image of the week, which you see above.

What we're listening to: "We are the people" by Empire of the Sun

What we're watching: Army Ranger Derick Carver rifle off heavy Deadlifts—on one leg.

What we won't be doing this weekend: Playing basketball in Air Yeezy 2s.

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