The 5 Worst (and 5 Best) Sports Nicknames

Maria Sharapova came close to legally changing her name to "Sugarpova," prompting STACK to consider the worst and best sports nicknames.


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From 2011 to 2016, Novak Djokovic won eleven major titles.

That was the era of the "Djoker" (or the "Joker", if you prefer).

When he was at his best, the Serbian's play matched his nickname—sinister with a hint of cockiness and a somewhat creepy smile.

But he actually earned the nickname well before his years-long stretch of dominant play. From USA Today:

Long before he was a top-ranked player, Djokovic had earned the nicknames "Court Jester" and "Joker" for his impressions of fellow pros, notably Maria Sharapova's shrieks, Rafael Nadal tugging at the back of his shorts, John McEnroe's tantrums. They weren't always well-received.

But when Djokovic's ascent to a dominant player coincided with the popularity of Heath Ledger's Joker character in the 2008 film The Dark Knight, the nickname took on new meaning.

What led to Djokovic's rise?

In 2010, he discovered he had strong food sensitivities to wheat and dairy. He'd often suffered mid-match collapses up to that point, watching victories escape his grasp as his strength and stamina seemed to drain abnormally fast.

After switching to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, Djokovic saw his stamina skyrocket and began conquering many of the top player's in tennis.