The 5 Worst (and 5 Best) Sports Nicknames

Maria Sharapova came close to legally changing her name to "Sugarpova," prompting STACK to consider the worst and best sports nicknames.

Best: "Big Papi" for David Ortiz

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Photo via MLB Sluggers

Big Papi.

Has there ever been a more fitting nickname in sports?

David Ortiz was the beaming face of the Boston Red Sox for 14 seasons, and his Big Papi nickname worked on multiple levels.

For one, the dude was big. Ortiz finished his career listed at 6-foot-4, 230 pounds.

Second, there was nothing "little" about the way he hit baseballs.

Third, he became like a father figure for the Red Sox franchise, standing up for his teammates and leading the squad through adversity.

How did this great nickname come to be? It actually has nothing to do with the reasons listed above.

When Ortiz first arrived in Boston in 2003, NESN broadcaster Jerry Remy noticed he often referred to people as "Papi". The reason for this habit was because Ortiz had a hard time remembering people's names.

Remy eventually began referring to Ortiz as "Big Papi" during games, and the name turned out to be the perfect fit.