Extreme Focus: Victory Begins With Preparation

STACK Expert Dave Austin shows you how to get your mind to work for you rather than against you by preparing like the pros.

Most athletes dream of playing at the professional level. But how many actually prepare like the pros? It's not only physical abilities that count; it also takes the right mental and physical preparation.

Believing in yourself and working hard go hand-in-hand. If you cut corners, you won't have the desire and knowledge you need to achieve your dreams. You may be able to trick others, but you can't lie to yourself—you know how much work you put in to prepare. If you can't trust yourself, you won't perform to the best of your abilities.

No matter what sport you play, there is no better feeling than when you're out there playing, and you know you have done all you can do to prepare yourself.

In the video below, MLB pitcher Kameron Loe talks about his former teammate, pitcher Trevor Hoffman, who had intense focus on his work, even in practice—and it paid off in his results on the mound. Loe recalls watching Hoffman during the first two weeks of spring training. "You could see the fire in his eyes as he stretched and got ready for the bullpen," Low says. "You don't mess with Hoffy when he has something to do." Hoffman brought extreme mental focus to everything he did. Loe concludes, "There was really no wonder why that guy was the first to reach 600 saves."

Editor's Note: The video is an XF Sneak, courtesy of Extreme Focus Training Camp, an exclusive online training center where elite athletes go to train their minds. For more info, visit www.ExtremeFocus.com.


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