Spring Clean Your Diet

Take advantage of your spring energy and inspiration to clean up your diet. STACK Expert Kait Fortunato points the way.

Spring Cleaning

Spring's warm weather brings fresh energy. We get motivated to clean and organize. Take advantage of your newfound inspiration by cleaning up your diet. Benefit from everything the new season has to offer with these simple steps.

Clean Out Your Fridge and Cabinets

  • Get rid of things that have expired and any packaged goods that have been in there for awhile.
  • Stock the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep them chopped, washed, and at eye level so it's easy to grab them as a snack. (Know what to buy: Top 5 Fruits and Vegetables to Eat This Spring.)
  • For your cabinets, invest in some bulk containers or mason jars to stock healthy grains, beans and nuts.

Stay Organized

Sometimes a change of season brings a change in schedule. Adjust accordingly by planning your weeks with healthy dinners and lunches and quick breakfasts and snacks. Make a plan and a grocery list and stick to it. Don't be tempted to fill your newly organized kitchen with junk or packaged goods.

Visit Farmers' Markets

Before going to your usual grocery store, check out your local farmers' markets for whole, fresh foods. Fill in the rest of your plan at the store. Picking up a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables is a great way insure they have been grown with integrity. It's also a fun weekend activity that may inspire you to try something new.

Eat Seasonally

Plan your fruit and vegetable purchases around what's in season. You will get a greater balance of nutrients, and the food will taste much better during their peak times. For a list of spring fruits and vegetables, check out this resource.

Grill Outside

Take advantage of the fresh air and bring the cooking outside. Grilling meats and vegetables is a great way to add flavor without a lot of sauces, oils or salt. The vegetables even get a nice crunch and texture, making them more appealing.

Plant a Garden

Try growing your own fruits and vegetables. It's the most direct way to get fresh produce, and you can feel pride in growing it to eat it. (Check out this article for the easiest fruits and vegetables to grow in the spring.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock