Build Single-Leg Strength With This Trap Bar Deadlift Variation

Get faster and more explosive with the Sprinter Trap Bar Deadlift.

Getting faster and more explosive comes down to one thing—making sure you can effectively explode off one leg.

Even single-leg exercises often focus so much on balance and stability that there's little emphasis on explosion. The Sprinter Trap Bar Deadlift solves this problem.

By assuming a split stance with your front foot slightly elevated, you're able to focus on driving through your front leg with maximum force. This has several benefits:

  • Builds powerful glutes, fatigue-resistant hamstrings and powerful quads.
  • Eliminates imbalances throughout the lower body.
  • Improve stiffness and stability throughout the foot, ankle and leg, which is needed to be able to explode powerfully when making any movement with a single leg.
  • Makes your single-leg transition more powerful and fluid no matter what angle you're jumping and running in.
  • Helps keep your body in a controlled position during any movement.
  • Keeps your body angle honest.

How to Perform the Sprinter Trap Bar Deadlift

Step 1

Place the middle of the Trap Bar directly over the center of a step platform. The plates should be on each end of the step platform. Grasp both handles of the trap bar and maintain your grip throughout the movement.

Step 2

Your center of gravity should be vertical over the load, and your body should be set up as if you were in the starting "drive phase" of a sprint. Make sure your back leg is outside the Trap Bar, the leg is loaded and the toe flexed as if you were getting ready to sprint. The back leg/foot should be hip-width apart; adjust if necessary.

Step 3

After you have a good position with your foot planted on the step platform, keep your chest up, lock down your core and lift the trap bar as if you were taking off in a sprint. Focus on keeping your ribs and hips down. Push down through the entire foot of the elevated leg and drive the back toe into the ground, moving your knees and hips at the same time.


  • To make sure you do the movement correctly, there should be a minimal drive forward as you explode up.
  • Tighten your core, pull your shoulders down and back and tuck your chin.
  • Your back toe should be flexed throughout the movement.
  • Extend your hips and knees as far as you can.
  • Lower and repeat.

Although this Deadlift variation for quickness and explosiveness might seem awkward, I'm certain it will help you increase your quad strength, leg drive, core strength, hip mobility, durability and explosiveness along with developing total body strength and power. This Trap Bar variation can be performed once or twice per week during a lower-body workout.

Do 5 sets of 5-10 reps, use a weight that's manageable and don't sacrifice your technique.