Spurs Guard Tony Parker is Training With Michael Phelps and the USA Swim Team This Off-Season

Tony Parker spent a day training with Michael Phelps and the USA Olympic Swim Team.

It's the NBA off-season. Some players are still on vacation, while others are grinding in the gym. But San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker has been training in the pool. Not by himself though—with Michael Phelps and the USA Swim Team.

The USA Swim Team recently held a practice in San Antonio, where they were joined by the 34-year old Parker. Obviously he won't be able to keep up with Phelps or any other Olympic swimmer, but swimming is still a great workout for the six-time All-Star.

Swimming is a low-impact activity that is ideal for strengthening stabilizer muscles, which can aid Parker in various movements on the court. It's also a great way to build whole-body endurance and recover from lifting sessions.

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The swimming workout they performed was power training. Parker used the stretch cord, performed butterfly parachute work and then some rockets.

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After the workout, Phelps went on Facebook Live to answer questions and share his experience with Parker. He said that Parker is a natural at the breast stroke and that it is his second time swimming with an NBA player. He formerly swam with Shaquille O'Neal, but Phelps said Parker is a better swimmer, perhaps because Parker used to race with recently retired Spurs legend Tim Duncan, who has always trained in the water during the off-season.

To hear more about the workout, check out Phelps's Facebook video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock