Fitness Fail Friday: Don't Buy a Squat Rack in Poland

Poland is a great country. But the Poles fall way short when it comes to building squat racks.

By all accounts, Poland is a pretty great country. It's got beautiful mountains, delicious pierogies and awesome carved cheese.

One thing Poland is not famous for: squat racks.

As this poor lifter found out the hard way, Polish squat racks are the worst squat racks. This particular model has safety bars that extend past the feet, effectively turning the whole thing into a giant mousetrap. Just drop a heavy barbell onto the least safe safety bars of all time and—BAM!—two broken kneecaps.

We can only think of two reasons why someone would build such a device.

  1. That person missed "Fulcrum Day" in physics class.
  2. That person is Tonya Harding.

Sorry, Poland. At least you still have your barbecue pierogies.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock