STACK Approved: Dragon Dictation Mobile App

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STACK recently tested Dragon Dictation, a mobile app that allows you to speak and then instantly see your SMS, email or social network updates on the iPhone—and it is truly amazing.

For student-athletes on the go, Dragon Dictation saves time by instantly typing out a message as you speak. We tried several phrases, including "Are you going to the gym?" and "Meet me after the game," and found the voice recognition spot on. The app is also useful for sending yourself email or text reminders, and you can instantly post your message to Facebook or Twitter. However, the best thing about the Dragon Dictation app is that it's free.

Apple users can download the app at The app is also available for BlackBerry users, but it only works for email. BlackBerry users can go to for the free download.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock