STACK Expert's 12-Week "Beast Factory" Workout Helps Athletes Build Strength and Size

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Beast FactoryMany athletes go into the weight room without a training plan. They perform a few common exercises—ones they see others doing—and hope to gain strength, size and speed. Unfortunately, they are often disappointed. What usually happens is that they don't see results, end up discouraged and quit working out altogether.

Avoid this dismal scenario with a proven workout program. Beast Factory, a book written by STACK expert Kermit Cannon, can get you into the best shape of your life. Featuring a 12-week, progressive workout and a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your time in the weight room, Beast Factory lays out the basics of training, common mistakes to avoid and nutritional guidelines for athletes.

Cannon's workout progression is designed to improve all aspects of athleticism—size, strength, speed, power and mobility. Each workout is clearly presented, with suggested sets, reps, time or distance, so you can focus on making your maximum effort.

If you are unsure how to perform an exercise, no problem. Cannon provides descriptions and detailed illustrations. Inspirational quotes are scattered throughout to keep you motivated.

We especially liked the variety of exercises in the Beast Factory program. Each workout is unique or a progression of an earlier workout. You even get to go outside to work on the track. Your body is challenged in as many ways as possible, which keeps the workouts fresh and fun.

Beast Factory can be purchased from Amazon for $19.95. Check out Cannon's expert page to read his articles on how to get faster and stronger.

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