STACK Media Grows Relationships with Blue Chip Advertisers Nike, Gatorade, and the U.S. Army, with Custom Content and Growing Online Audience

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Advertisers Recognize Proven Leader in Original Sports Performance Information for Young Active Males

NEW YORK, NY – (November 23, 2009) – STACK Media, the leading producer and distributor of sports performance, instruction and lifestyle content for active males, today announced that several key advertisers have increased their commitments in an effort to appeal to the active sports participant market. Nike, Gatorade, and the U.S. Army are among the growing group of Blue Chip advertisers who partnered with STACK Media in the second half of this year to engage the elusive demographic of 12-to-24-year-old males.

Nike, Gatorade, and the U.S. Army are the latest advertisers to commission STACK to create special video channels and custom content, joining the likes of U.S. Navy, Right Guard, Reebok, Spalding and others who have successfully used the appeal of STACK Media's targeted online and print platforms.

"Leading global brands use STACK Media to connect directly with active males and provide them with important content and information so they can excel in their sports of choice," said Nick Palazzo, Co-founder and Co-CEO of STACK Media. "While the sports participant category continues to grow substantially, it's an underserved market that has been largely untapped by content producers and advertisers. At STACK Media, we have the right mix of sports performance, instruction, and lifestyle content to continue to attract growing numbers of active athletes, making us one of the fastest growing sports properties on the Internet."

*STACK builds customized unique video channels for advertisers

During the third quarter, STACK launched a new Web site that educates young athletes on the proper training techniques and lifestyle choices to achieve maximum performance. In partnership with Gatorade's Sports Science Institute, the site features expert advice, a weekly video series from professional Gatorade athletes and leading trainers, and customized workouts where users can log and track their progress – helping them to meet their unique goals in a wide range of sports.

Besides viewing professionally produced videos, users can log and track their training progress. Simply go to 'My Performance Tracker' on the site and choose one of the sports listed, which include football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, and track. Then, select from a menu of goals, including, for example, off-season strength, in-season strength, off-season speed, and in-season speed. The site then provides each athlete with a weekly regimen that recommends exercises and tracks performance. Depending on the program selected, various training videos of professional athletes accompany the exercise regimen. Finally, users can submit training and nutrition questions to the site, which are answered in the Gatorade Performance Video Series.

Nike Trainer 1 is also sponsoring a custom video channel. The dedicated channel includes 54 training and interview videos, plus workout sessions led by Matt James, a master trainer at SPARQ, which develops new training methods and products to help athletes improve. The channel features the Know This Training Series – a six-part video sequence that shows the training programs of athletes like Drew Brees, Kevin Durant, and Jimmy Rollins, among others. The series has already received over 900,000 video views.

U.S. Army
With the goal of reaching natural born leaders and role models, the U.S. Army worked with STACK to create a custom video channel, the Leadership Channel, which shows young athletes what it takes to lead a tight-knit crew to victory—directly from the nation's best athletes and coaches. To date, the channel has generated more than 350,000 video views. Topics include "Leadership influences," "What it takes to be a leader," "Benefits of leadership," and "Leading one's country."

STACK's online property,, consistently ranks among the top 10 online sports destination, with an audience exceeding 4 million unique visitors per month. Its print product, STACK Magazine, is the only national publication requested and distributed by high school athletic directors, with a circulation of more than 800,000 and a readership of more than five million athletes.

About STACK?
A diversified media company, operating both print publishing and digital media business units, STACK is a leading provider of original "how-to" sports performance information, inspiring and engaging active males. The publishing unit includes the company's flagship publication, STACK Magazine, periodic special issues and a line of books. The internet unit includes, STACK TV and STACK Media, a distributed media network powered by STACK's large library of online videos. STACK Media is one of the top sports properties on the Internet, with an average of more than 4 million unique visitors per month, according to comScore. In both print and online, STACK continues to deliver authoritative information on safe, effective drug-free training—for strength, speed, conditioning, agility and flexibility.

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