STACK Originals Presents: "The Short STACK," Episode 5

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In this week's episode of our exclusive series, "The Short STACK," we give you an inside look at St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson's off-season workout; a behind-the-scenes tour of LA Dodgers' Andre Ethier's "Shed"; words from the National Guard on why an athlete is a good candidate to join the Armed Forces; and a preview of the lightest shoe in basketball—the new adiZero Crazy Light 2.

Hosted by Andrea Diebold, "The Short STACK" gives you a quick inside look at what's new at STACK Media. New episodes of "The Short STACK" go live every Thursday on our YouTube channel and on STACK.Com. Be sure to watch the show, give us your thoughts (on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter) and subscribe to our channel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock