STACK Reads: "The Winning Point: How to Master the Mindset of Champions"

STACK expert Loren Fogelman provides tips on developing a competitive mindset in her new book, "The Winning Point."

The Winning Point

In an athletic competition, the smallest misstep or hesitation could be the difference between a win and a loss. Great athletes dominate because they understand the need for quick, decisive action. How do you develop this trait?

As the founder of Expert Sports Performance, Loren Fogelman has seen the advantage that a right mindset can provide. She believes a major trait of success is remaining focused under pressure.

 Although Fogelman has shared many of her helpful techniques as a STACK Expert, her new book, The Winning Point, lays out her full strategy for boosting confidence, creating laser focus and getting results.

When you buy the book for $20, you'll also receive the secret tool Fogelman uses with all of her athletes to create laser focus, as well as three full training videos on managing fear, performance anxiety and injuries. Just purchase the book here: and forward your receipt to to receive bonuses.

"I'm looking forward to teaching you how the top one percent of athletes in all sports develop a winning mindset, says Fogelman, "The way they think, focus and act is intended for results. Learn how they perform so easily and effortlessly … and you can do that too."

Get your copy of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, and let STACK know what you think!

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