STACKletes Speak Up: Being Part of a Team Means Pride, Determination and Passion

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This past weekend, we highlighted UCLA's football program, asking what it means to be part of their team. We then posed the same question to our #STACKletes, and we're happy to report that they feel the same as the Bruins do.

George Morales wrote, "It means greatness and passion. To be a proud SEQUOITS!" Recruiters look for athletes who are proud to represent their team and community. Those who display heart and passion are more likely to make it to the next level. Kudos to Morales for embodying these important characteristics.

Milton Mora said, "It means Pride and Determination." He knows that pride in your team fuels the desire and determination needed to be successful.

Passion, pride and determination are outstanding attributes. Athletes must love what they do, be proud of their teammates and dedicate themselves to achieving their common goals. We encourage you all to follow Morales' and Mora's admirable lead.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock