NHL's Stadium Series Jerseys Point to the Future

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NHL Stadium Series

Photo via AP

With the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles piercing a hazy, warm sky, providing a spectacular background, the first installment of the NHL's "Stadium Series" between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks took place Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. It was the first of four games to be played outdoors—the others will take place at Yankee Stadium and Solider Field.

The Stadium Series is an expansion of the hugely popular Winter Classic, which has been pitting two teams against each other in the open air since 2008.

In honor of the NHL's new endeavor, the league commissioned Dominique Fillion, lead designer for Reebok, to create a special set of Stadium Series jerseys that presage the future of the league. Fillion said, "We wanted to have something that stood out, that was very different from the Winter Classic and that had its own vision, own inspiration and its own direction."

Fillion and his team created six new jerseys that look dramatically different from what fans have been accustomed to seeing on the ice. They feature:

  • Each team's main logo on the front of the jersey is transformed into a "chrome crest," a higher resolution, chrome image that is also lightweight and flexible.
  • Numbers on the back of the jerseys are enlarged so fans sitting farther away from the action can better identify players.
  • A lace-up is added at the neck, a nod to NHL jerseys of old, in what Fillion called a "modern spin on the lace-up construction."
  • The horizontal striping usually found at the waist is moved to the bottom hem. "Reinventing the striping position was something that was very important," Fillion said.

Two games remain in the series: the Rangers take on the Islanders tonight, and the Chicago Blackhawks face the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 1. Fillion hopes the jerseys he created will augur a new history for young NHL fans. He said, "We thought the Stadium Series should be about looking ahead and creating something exciting and fresh for the fan. For that younger kid, to create his own history in a sense."

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