Stay Warm Like an NFL Player During Winter Games

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NFL Players in Snow

Ever wonder how NFL players can run onto the field in below-zero temperatures with bare arms? Whether you need tips for staying warm on the slopes this weekend, at baseball practice next month or on the football field next year, you can learn secrets about staying warm from the pros in the NFL.

Short sleeves don't necessarily mean a player is completely exposed to the elements. Many protect exposed skin with a layer of Vaseline. "I pretty much cover my whole body with Vaseline to keep the heat in," Green Bay defensive end Howard Green told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Even if you've layered up well, you probably still have body parts that are exposed to the harsh weather. Take a tip from the pros and cover up any exposed skin with a healthy layer of Vaseline.

Your coach probably reminds you to stay hydrated during two-a-days in August, but do you remember to drink water when the temperature dips below freezing? Because your body uses extra energy to stay warm on cold days, it's just as important to stay hydrated in January as it is in July. Drink plenty of water before cold-weather games and workouts to avoid painful cramping.

You may layer up when you hit the slopes but forgo the layers in the locker room to look macho. This is a mistake. Even the pros wear extra layers in the cold. Green Bay punter Tim Masthay talked to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about his decision to wear an extra layer of pants in his first year. "I didn't wear them the first game, and I could tell my hamstrings were locking up on the sidelines. The second game I was like, 'Oh my gosh, why didn't I wear these before?'" Experiment to find the right number of layers that will keep you warm without restricting your movements.

Remember that the pros have heaters on the bench and medical staff on the sidelines. Since it's unlikely you'll have either, you need to listen to your body and seek warmth when you start to feel dangerously cold. Check out "Quick Tips for Outdoor Winter Workouts" and "Prepare for an Outdoor Training Session" for more tricks on staying warm in frigid weather.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock