Steve Kerr Explains the Biggest Difference Between Steph Curry and Michael Jordan

Steve Kerr played with Michael Jordan, and he coaches Steph Curry. What does he have to say about these two great players?

Michael Jordan and Steph Curry

Everyone loves to compare the greatness of past and present players. From network analysts to average joes, nothing sparks debate like opinions about who was (or is) the greatest of all time.

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For the NBA, you don't discuss "greatest of all time" without Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan being part of the discussion. Yet obviously people want to hold up comparisons to MJ. The most recent comparison is with Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry, who just had one of the best regular seasons ever.

Many people will give their input on whom they think is the best, but arguably no one has a better perspective than Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who played with Jordan back in the 90s and now coaches Curry.

So what does Kerr have to say about the two players? In a phone interview with the Dan Patrick Show, he had this to say:

"Michael was so dominate, physically, emotionally. I almost got the sense that everyone was afraid of him: the opponents, the referees, his teammates. He was so dominant, just with his presence.With Steph it's totally different. It's like your little brother. He's just out there running around and firing away and hitting these incredible shots. But he dominates with this skill."

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So they both were/are dominant, just in different ways. At this point, MJ has a longer résumé. But let's sit back and enjoy the greatest shooter in the game. Chef Curry still has some things to accomplish before he catches up to the GOAT.

Watch the rest of Kerr's interview below.

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