Steven Spielberg Adapting 'Brave New World' for SyFy Series

Steven Spielberg's production company is adapting the Aldous Huxley novel 'Brave New World' for the big screen.

Steven Spielberg is adapting Aldous Huxley's classic sci-fi novel Brave New World via his Amblin Television production company for the SyFy channel. This futuristic book, published in 1932, has the distinction of being ranked fifth on Modern Library's list of the 20th Century's 100 best English language novels. Despite the fact that it was written long ago, this cautionary tale is viewed by many as more relevant now than ever.

Containing both utopian and dystopian elements, the story takes place in a world where there is no disease, poverty or war. However, the lives of human beings are strictly controlled by the government. People are provided with mind-altering drugs, and instead of people producing offspring, babies are genetically created in labs referred to as "hatcheries" and carefully programmed during childhood. It's a civilization filled with rampant consumerism and free sex. Those who rebel against this way of life are kept on "reservations." Eventually John, one of the so called "savages," becomes a threat to the social order when he rises up and challenges the system.

The script is being written by Les Bohem of the Emmy Award-winning miniseries Taken. Bohem will also serve as an executive producer, alongside Amblin Television's co-presidents Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey.


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