Stipe Miocic: No, Really, Here's How to Pronounce My Name

This shouldn't be that hard, guys.

Here's what UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic is not: He's not "Sty-pe." The fighter's first name does not sound like the last name of REM's lead singer. Yes, the two names are spelled the same. But they're spoken far differently.

Neither is Miocic's first name "Stee-pee" or "Stye-pee." And even though the video has more than 3,000 views, Miocic's name does not sound anything like whatever it is this guy says in this YouTube clip. Despite its title, the vid definitely does not tell you how to pronounce Stipe Miocic's name.

The Cleveland native wants to set the record straight. His name is pronounced "STEE-pay Mee-OOH-chich." 

Stipe Miocic

"I could go for days," the good-natured Miocic told STACK after listing more than a half-dozen ways his moniker has been mangled. "It's always something new every day."

Miocic, who was born to Croatian parents in Euclid, Ohio, is pretty laid back about the frequent flubbing of his name. "It's OK, I get called worse at home," he says with a laugh.

But even with his good humor, you can tell it's getting a bit tiresome for him. So, one last time: Not "My-Chick." Not "Mio-Kick." And certainly not "Mule Kick," which the fighter says he's heard.  The 6-foot-4, 240-pounder would like to gently remind you: Stipe Miocic is pronounced: "STEE-pay Mee-OOH-chich." 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock