Improve Natural Strength and Conditioning With a Weekend Workout

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If you aspire to achieve greatness like the athletes competing over the next few days, don't just sit around this holiday weekend. Split this weekend workout into Saturday and Sunday so you won't miss a beat when you get back to practice or competition.

Saturday – Strength Training
Saturday is for improving natural strength—"natural" meaning the ability to control your body. Incorporating bodyweight exercises into your weekend workout is a great way to ensure you can expertly handle your body during a game.

Perform the workout below in circuit fashion for an efficient strength workout. Repeat each circuit once before moving on to the next one.

Dynamic Warm-Up
Start with a five- to seven-minute Dynamic Warm-Up. Move from one exercise to the next without stopping to get the full aerobic benefit.

Circuit One

Circuit Two

Sunday – Interval Training
On Sunday, we're encouraging you to get you out on the track. Feel free to go early so you won't miss the games on TV throughout the day. Besides, there's no better time to train than early in the morning. Breakfast never tasted so good!

Repeat the Dynamic Warm-Up from Saturday, then pick an interval. Perform the first one to improve endurance. Try the second one if you're looking to increase speed.

Time your first run so you'll know how long to keep your recovery pace. For example, if you run a 200m in 30 seconds, you'll want to jog for 90 seconds—three times slower.

Workout: 8x400

  • Sprint 400 meters
  • Jog 400 meters, taking three times as long as sprint
  • Repeat for specific reps

Workout: 14x200

  • Sprint 200 meters
  • Jog 200 meters, taking three times as long as sprint
  • Repeat for specific reps

No matter which workout you choose, be sure to stretch your entire body thoroughly after running. And don't neglect your upper body just because you didn't do any strength training today. Your body will thank you.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and Happy New Year!


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