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Got a minute to stretch? Simultaneously loosen up your muscles, reduce the risk of injury and work your core with Stretch-A-Minute.

Stretch-A-Minute spokesperson Kim Ufford says that most athletes fail to hold stretches, and some athletes don't even bother to stretch at all. "I did the same thing," admits the former University of Mississippi basketball player. "That's why I had a lot of injuries."

Ufford says her college career might have been different if she had used Stretch-A-Minute, a device designed for core and back exercises, balance and posture. Thanks to a built in timer, which beeps every 10 seconds for up to one minute, it takes the guess work out of each warm up, "so it really helps you focus on the stretch and not the timing," Ufford says.

According to Ufford, "Physical therapists have found that it's necessary [for athletes] to stretch between 30 seconds to a minute to prevent injuries." But often, when they are stretching, she notes, athletes think they've held a position for 30 seconds when they've really held it for only half that time.

From a hamstring stretch to a reverse crunch, Stretch-A-Minute allows you to focus on the full effect of certain stretches. Says Ufford, "[The] key [is] that you stretch to actually help you play a lot longer and [prevent] a major injury [that could] end your season."

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