3 Ways To Become A Strong Leader

Learn how to take your team further this year by becoming a stronger leader.

Team Leader

It's no secret that the best teams are run with strong leadership. A leader's purpose is to elicit success in others by inspiring them to perform better and transform their potential into results. The best leaders do this by establishing effective relationships and empowering those who follow them. Everyone has the ability to go out and perform feats of greatness.

Becoming a leader on the field begins long before the whistle blows. Leadership skills are built in the trenches on a daily basis. They're developed in team practices, individual workouts and weight room training sessions—far away from the packed stands on game day.

Do you aspire to lead your team to a winning season or a championship? Follow these three tips to become the person your teammates will be motivated to follow.

Help People Win

great team will outplay a great player any day. Get your teammates in the gym in the off-season. Help them work on their weaknesses. Offer to train with each team member on a one-on-one basis. Not only will you improve yourself, you'll build trust, confidence and camaraderie among your teammates. That will transfer over to the field. Elevate those around you and you will find yourself in a higher place.

Let Them Know They Matter

Few things in this world are better than feeling needed. Let teammates in on your vision. Explain the critical role each plays in building a winning team. Give them a standard of excellence to maintain and hold them accountable. The more important your teammates feel, the more they will contribute to the ultimate goal.

Start With Yourself

Model the level of performance you want to see in your teammates. As a leader, you can only have good days and great days. When you're feeling sick, tired or stressed by off-court circumstances, you can't show it. Your energy level and drive must remain constant. People hesitate to follow an inconsistent leader, because they never know what they may get—praise or blame. Reassure them by making good decisions every day. Although perfection is unattainable, in your pursuit of excellence, you can become great.

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