Get More From Your Summer Basketball Camp

Attending a basketball camp this summer? Find out what you can do to get the most out of the experience.

Summer Basketball Camp

Improving your game requires making time for dedicated practice focused on fundamentals and decision-making skills. If you decide to attend one of the many available summer basketball camps, you should expect to learn and improve your basketball fundamentals—including ball handling, passing, cutting, moving, shooting, defending and rebounding.

Get the most from your summer basketball camp experience with the following tips:

Tips For Making The Most of Camp

1. Listen and Learn: Remember, you are there not only to have fun, but also to improve your game. Think of basketball camp as a form of summer school. The coaches will teach you proper fundamentals, skills and knowledge gleaned from their years of experience. Your first responsibility is to listen and gather the key points that will help you improve as a player.

2. Give 100 Percent Effort: Giving 100 percent of your effort will maximize your time. You may only be working through a drill or practicing a move you've made a thousand times, but continue to give all your effort. Those who reach the highest levels of basketball never stop working on basic fundamentals. The reason you have improved so far is because of all the work you've already done.

3. Have Fun: Summer basketball camps allow you to dedicate time to an activity you enjoy. If you love basketball, you'll take every opportunity to play, drill and work on your skills. Focus on the fun aspect of it as you learn. Use basketball to expand yourself as a person and enjoy your life.

4. Enjoy Others: Take the opportunity to meet new people and interact with athletes from other areas and schools. You may learn something or make a new friend who could eventually become a college teammate.

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