Summer training gear

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Everything you need to stay comfortable, protected, fueled, fresh and ready for your summer of intense training, competition and hard work. It's go-time.


For every pound lost during exercise, you need to drink 16 ounces of fluid. Measure your intake with these labeled H2O bottles.
[left to right]: adidas, $8; Under Armour, $10; Nalgene, $9.50

Super Soakers

You just finished your dynamic warm-up, and your shirt's already drenched with sweat. Instead of dreading an uncomfortable workout, try these threads. All of them use sweat-wicking technology, which soaks up sweat as you perspire

[top to bottom]: RBK Play Dry, $22; Under Armour heatgear, $35; Nike Dri-FIT Sphere, $30

[top to bottom]: Nike Dri-FIT, $35; Quiksilver EQPT, $40; Under Armour heatgear, $30
[top to bottom]: Nike Dri-FIT, $30; Quiksilver EQPT, $35; RBK Play-Dry, $22

Zune In

Besides featuring a ridiculously clear 3-inch LCD screen, the Zune lets you wirelessly beam songs, pictures and playlists from one device to another. $250

Sealing The Burn

Don't want to endure the pain of sweat burning your eyes? Try one of these options. Each stops the sweat from rolling without containing heat on top of your head. [top to bottom]: Headband: Under Armour, $7; Visor: Nike, $18; Skull cap: RBK, $18

Prevention, Strength, Speed, Recovery

The goods you need from warm-up through cool down.[left to right] Weight belt: Nike, $30; 9-pound med ball: Everlast, $45; Agility hurdles: Sparq, $40; Foam roll: Core Performance, $25

Your Body Is A Temple

Training with sunburn sucks. So do zits, B.O. and bad hair. Stay fresh with the help of these products. [left to right]: Sunscreen: Coppertone Sport, $8; Deodorant: RGX Body Spray, $5; Body wash: adidas Sports Fever, $4.80; Cleansing pads: Clearasil Acne Control, $4; Shampoo and Conditioner in one: Suave, $2.50

Slim Shades

Protecting your eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting your skin. Choose sunglasses that block at least 95 percent of harmful UV radiation. A few great options include: [top to bottom]: Nike Stealth, $79; Under Armour Impulse, $80; Oakley Fives 3.0, $70; RayBan, $109

Cold Feet

Keep your dogs from barkin' with these kicks. Each one features a sweat-wicking fabric or great ventilation. [left to right]: Nike Free, $85; New Balance 892, $80; RBK Agility Trainer, $75; adidas ClimaCool, $85

And everything else you need…

Load up your backpack with snacks, plenty to drink and extra socks [wet, cotton ones are responsible for blisters, not too-tight shoes), so you can stay fueled and fresh to beat the heat.

[left to right]: Gatorade®, $1.19; POWERade®, $1.09; Glaceau vitaminwater®, $1.49

[Clockwise]: PowerBar®, $.99; EAS AdvantEdge, $1.87; CLIF® Builder'sTM, $.99; DETOUR, $1.79

[top to bottom] New Balance performance socks, $9; adidas ClimaLITE, $11 for 2-pack

adidas, $70

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