Surprising Facts About Sofia Vergara

Ten little known facts about 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but there's a lot more to this Latin beauty than meets the eye. Check out these 10 surprising facts about Vergara, which contradict her public persona.

1. Attended a private school: Sofia had an impressive education, attending a private bilingual Spanish/English school, called Marymount School Barranquilla.

2. Had a religious upbringing: The sexy, flamboyant actress isn't known for her piety, but she had an exceptionally religious upbringing. Raised a Catholic, Vergara's religious beliefs have, at times, conflicted with her acting and modeling career.

3. Is a natural blonde: Believe it or not, the dark, sultry, exotic Vergara is actually a natural blonde, and she is just as gorgeous with fair hair as she is with her current brunette locks.

4. Studied to be a dentist: Vergara wasn't always set on a showbiz career. She spent three years studying pre-dentistry at a university in Colombia.

5. Does not eat red meat: The daughter of a cattle farmer, Vergara lost her taste for red meat after moving to the United States, explaining that she stopped eating meat because USA mean tastes peculiar compared to what she ate in Colombia.

6. Used her pay from acting and modeling to support her family: After Vergara was discovered on a Colombian beach at the tender age of 17 by a photographer, her career quickly took off. She landed many gigs, including a Pepsi commercial. She spent the money she made modeling and acting to support her family.

7. Married her high school sweetheart: At age 18, Vergara married her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, and she gave birth to her first and only child, Manolo, when she was 20, back in 1992. The couple divorced a year later.

8. Huge Scarface fan: Scarface isn't just a "guy" movie. Vergra is such a fan of the iconic 1983 film, she named her son Manolo after Steven Bauer's character.

9. Once wanted breast reduction surgery: Growing up, she wanted to get breast reduction surgery, but now she's grateful for her voluptuous bust line.

10. Is an accomplished businesswoman: With the goal of making her sexy looks affordable to those on a budget, Vergara launched her own clothing line, The Sofia Vergara, sold at K-Mart.

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