SURVIVING SEALFIT: What It's Like to Take on a SEALFIT 20X Challenge

STACK editor Brian Sabin recaps his experience at a day-long boot camp run by Navy SEALs. Spoiler alert: He survives. Barely.

I felt pride in the many hours I'd spent training, and gratitude for the injuries I was able to bounce back from. I also felt thankful  for the many joyful times I'd had with my wife and daughter along the way. But I also still ached from the tragedy our family had suffered just a few weeks before.

Now it was the weekend of the 20X. Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine was just a few feet away from me. Many of the other 25 people taking on the challenge were spread around the room inside SYR CrossFit in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I expected that we'd be pushed to our physical limits, but I hadn't thought that I would break down crying. And I certainly never anticipated that I'd be bawling before the physical training even started.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock