Get Your "SWAG" On with Champs Sports New Digital Magazine

Learn more about Champs Sports' new online quarterly magazine, "SWAG."

Sporting goods retail giant Champs Sports has launched a new online quarterly magazine called SWAG. The e-zine showcases the freshest stories about marquee athletes and takes a look at sports-inspired lifestyles through editorial spreads, articles and interactive multimedia content available in HD. The first issue features three-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant (check out SWAG's 2-Minute Drill video with KD below).

"Real athletes know that having Game is more than just their performance on the court or field—it's about how they embrace the sport lifestyle and identify themselves as athletes 24/7," said Frank Bracken, vice president of marketing for Champs. "SWAG takes a look into the lives and interests of today's biggest athletes and celebrates the people who inspire sports culture in a unique way that speaks directly to teens."

Although SWAG specializes in covering sports culture, it also serves as a resource for teen athletes to get the game they crave. With tap-to-purchase technology built into the pages of the e-zine, readers can access pop-up menus to buy the exact same gear worn by featured athletes. And a collage showcasing the latest coordinated sneakers, apparel and accessories can be found in a section called "The Blueprint" for easy purchase.

SWAG is free and is accessible through iTunes (for iPhone and iPad) and Google Play (for Droid).

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