200-Pound Sumo Wrestler Dominates Men Twice His Size

Watch video of undersized sumo wrestler Pavel Bojar (a.k.a. Takanoyama Shuntaro) dominate men who outweigh him by up to 200 pounds.

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Pavel Bojar, or Takanoyama Shuntaro as he is known in the sumo arena, is a 200-pound sumo wrestling phenom from the Czech Republic who tosses men hundreds of pounds heavier than he is to the mat like feather pillows. Watch the video above to see Bojar effortlessly dominate a handful of opponents, including one who looks like he's closing in on 400 pounds. After each victory, Bojar calmly walks back to his starting position and bows, seemingly unaware that he has just done something no man his size should be able to do. Don't miss this.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock