Teammate Claims Josh Gordon Once Ballooned to 255 Pounds

Donte Whitner says Josh Gordon gained 30 pounds after his second suspension by the NFL. Donte may have exaggerated.

Josh Gordon

We've covered Josh Gordon's off-season workouts at length in recent months, mostly because the former All-Pro receiver has been killing it in the gym as he prepares to return to the NFL and play his first game in almost two years. Recent images show the wideout looking lean and muscular, but according to recent comments from Cleveland Browns safety Donte Whitner, Gordon has been putting in even more work than we originally thought.

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"Over the last couple months, just watching him, watching Instagram and the hard work that he put in, the transformation that he made with his body, I remember seeing him at The 9 downtown and him being like 255 pounds, and then going on down four or five or six months later, shedding 20, 25, 30 pounds and looking like he did before the suspension started," Whitner told

Gordon had been playing at 225 pounds, so to think about him 30 pounds heavier is quite a shock. We can only imagine the difficult times he went through after his second suspension.

But Gordon denied Whitner's comments, taking some friendly jabs at the safety on Twitter.

Whitner later apologized, so perhaps his estimate of a 30-pound weight gain for Gordon was a bit hyperbolic. Still, Gordon probably put on some serious pounds while he was away from the Browns facility for so long, without the benefit of working with his strength and conditioning coaches and having a strict training regimen to follow.

Regardless of how much weight Gordon gained, it seems irrelevant at this point. Gordon's work to get his body back in NFL shape has been well documented via his Snapchat and elsewhere, and he looks to be back at a weight that's close to optimal for playing football. Now all he can do is wait for the league to reinstate him.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock