Tim Tebow Trademarks "Tebowing"

NFL QB Tim Tebow has officially trademarked the term Tebowing.


NFL QB Tim Tebow has officially trademarked the word "Tebowing." The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office officially approved his application, which he filed through California attorney Anthony Keats, on October 9.

The trademark covers more than just the word itself; it also includes the pose. This means Tebow can sue anyone who attempts to profit off an image of someone Tebowing—which became popular last season.

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According to Tebow, he didn't seek the trademark for monetary gain, but to maintain and ensure the original intentions behind the pose. He said, "it's something I do that's prayer for me, and it got hyped as Tebowing. I think another reason was more to control how it's used."

The legal move was preceded by Tebow's legal reps sending letters of protest to the owners of two websites that were hoping to capitalize on his popularity: tebowing.com and tebowinggear.com. Both sought to trademark the term, but their applications were denied.

This is a wild story with potentially far-reaching implications. Will other athletes now attempt to trademark their end-zone celebrations? What about pre-game rituals? Where does it end?

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Source: New York Post

Photo: IBTimes

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