Tennessee Coach Brings New Meaning to Discipline

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The Back to School 2010 issue of STACK magazine—dropping in U.S. high schools the week of Sept. 13—is dubbed "The Discipline issue." Athletes will find lots of information on how to work discipline into their lives, through training, nutrition and education, to help them reach their full athletic potential.

Fresh advice from Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley would have been a perfect fit for the STACK issue. The first-year coach threw a new wrinkle into this week's game plan, coining a new term, which falls somewhere between on- and off-field discipline: "shower discipline."

"We've had a few staph infections, so we did a clinic [Tuesday] on proper shower technique and soap and using a rag," Dooley says. "We talked about application of soap to the rag and making sure you hit all your body. I'm hoping we can improve in that."

Spoken like a true coach.

Dooley has established himself as a player's coach who is known for keeping things light. But MRSA [staph infection] is an all-too-real and serious threat, especially in the athletic community.

Staph infections commonly start as small red bumps similar to pimples or insect bites, but they quickly turn into painful soft-tissue abscesses. At-risk groups include athletes participating in contact sports and those present in communal areas such as locker rooms or dormitories.

The best way to avoid staph infection, according to doctors, is to follow preventative measures, such as:

  • Washing your hands frequently [view Matt Siracusa's blog post: "Prevent Game-Ending Illnesses"]
  • Avoiding sharing personal items [towels, rags, soap]
  • Showering immediately after activity
  • Washing clothes and equipment after wear

Clean up on the facts by visiting mayoclinic.com for more information on MRSA. And visit STACK to see video of the Vols football squad training when they're not brushing up on their hygiene.

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