Tips for Keeping a Tennis Journal

Most tennis players face the same opponents more than once. Keeping a record of each one's strengths and weaknesses can give you an edge.

Keeping a Tennis Journal

Keeping a journal to record key details about matches and opponents is a very effective tool for tennis players. If you face an opponent and then draw the same opponent months later, chances are you will have forgotten a lot of the specifics of your previous match. You don't want to walk onto the court and make the same mistakes you made before.

Since most tennis players often face the same opponents more than once, a journal of past matches can come in handy. It's also an effective way to measure your own progress.

You can even keep notes of things you learn in lessons or practice. Write down strategy ideas and anything motivational that might psych you up when you take the court.

What to record

  • Each opponent's strengths and weaknesses in forehand, backhand, overhead, volley, first and second serve, and return.
  • What your opponent did well to win the match, or did poorly to lose it.
  • What you did effectively to win the match, or did poorly to lose it.
  • Things to improve next time you play against this opponent.
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