EXCLUSIVE: Terrell Owens Weighs in on Cam Newton's Celebration Dances

Terrell Owens comments on Cam Newton's on-field celebrations.

Although he's been the subject of many letters to the editor and huffy Twitter rants, Cam Newton is not the first NFL superstar to catch flak for having fun on the field.

Another guy whose amusing antics earned him a legion of haters? Terrell Owens.

Like Newton, Owens was a marvelous player. Also like Newton, he wasn't afraid to display his delight when opposing defenses proved incapable of stopping him. From chugging popcorn to autographing footballs to mastering the art of miming, Owens was a pioneer in NFL end zone celebrations.

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STACK recently spoke to Owens about his partnership with Butterfinger for their "Bolder than Bold" campaign, which offers to pay up to $50,000 in excessive celebration fines to any NFL player bold enough to bust out some crazy moves over the season's final three games. We asked T.O. whom he thought would be most likely to earn said fine, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he named Newton. "The two that come to mind, and they're on the same team, are Cam Newton and Josh Norman. These guys have great personalities, they like to have fun, they're winning and everything is all good. So it depends what extent they want to go to to express themselves," Owens said.

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So how does one of the games' greatest entertainers feel about Newton's boisterous on-field personality? "I don't think anything's bad about it," Owens said. "How can you hate on someone when they're winning and they're having fun? That's what the game is all about. This is a kid's game. You're going out there as grown men, it's a violent sport, and you want to have fun with the game while you can."

We're guessing that many people who were offended by Owens' celebrations are the same ones taking issue with Newton.

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