Terrelle Pryor Juked Pro Bowl Corner Darrelle Revis Out of His Shoes on Sunday

Pryor had a huge first half against Darrelle Revis and the Jets.

Despite the Cleveland Browns blowing a 20-7 halftime lead against the New York Jets, falling to 0-8 and remaining the only winless team in the NFL, all is not lost. Quarterback-turned-wide receiver Terrelle Pryor is thriving in head coach Hue Jackson's offense, and his first-half performance against one of the best, albeit aging, cornerbacks in the league was something to behold.

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The Jets kept Darrelle Revis on Pryor all day, shadowing him on both sides of the field. In the first half, Pryor torched him, snaring six catches for 101 yards and consistently hitting Revis with nasty jukes, both off the line of scrimmage and in the open field.

In the second quarter, on 3rd & 2, Pryor lined up on the right side, and with the middle of the field completely opened up after quarterback Josh McCown motioned running back Duke Johnson over to his left, Pryor faked right, then burst back left to create massive separation on a beautiful slant route than went for 15 yards.

Later on in the quarter, with Pryor on the left side of the field, McCown hit him with a quick pass at the line of scrimmage, a sort of wide receiver screen, leaving Pryor one-on-one against Revis. Pryor uncorked an even nastier juke, faking to his right before zooming back to his left past Revis and up the sideline.

It's been a pleasure to watch Pryor's successful transition to wideout, and though he somewhat disappeared (along with the entire Browns offense) in the second half, his explosive start to the game showed everyone what an elite performer he can be at his new position.

Terrelle Pryor Shook Pro Bowl Corner Darrelle Revis Out of His Shoes on Sunday

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