Terrelle Pryor Shows Off Impressive Catching Ability

Terrelle Pryor makes catching rockets look like an everyday activity.

Here at STACK, we've followed Terrelle Pryor's transition from quarterback to wide receiver pretty closely; and every day seems to bring more evidence that the former Ohio State star will make a significant impact in 2016. During the first week of Cleveland Browns training camp, Pryor got major reps at receiver, and he's been putting in extra work after practice to improve his hands.

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The Browns recently gave us a glimpse of Pryor's work with the JUGS machine, and it's something else. Standing only 10 feet or so away from the contraption, Pryor caught the footballs fired at him with one hand, like he was channeling Odell Beckham Jr. His ability to snare balls thrown at such high speed with ease helped him execute what may have been the best play of camp, in which he dove and caught a 50-yard bomb from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

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With pre-season games looming on the horizon, Pryor will finally have a chance to prove that he can excel against real competition. But for now, he looks like he's going to be just fine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock