Terrelle Pryor Takes No Time Off After Playing Three Different Positions for the Browns

After having a great game, Cleveland Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor doesn't take the day off.

Predictably, the Cleveland Browns have had a rough start to their 2016 season. After Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins, they are now 0-3. This is a rebuilding year for the Browns, but there are some bright spots in their young roster, perhaps the brightest of which is wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

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Not long ago, Pryor was unsuccessfully jumping from team to team as a quarterback; but this past off-season, he had his first full summer to commit to his new position, and it definitely paid off. This season so far, Pryor has 14 receptions for 244 yards, but the 6-foot-6, 240-pound athlete did a lot more during Sunday's game.


As you can see, besides having a great receiving game—8 receptions for 144 yards—Pryor also took some snaps at quarterback. He was 3 for 5 passing and he scrambled for a touchdown. Right before the half, he also got in at safety to prevent any Hail Mary attempts.

After this workhorse performance for the Browns, you would think Pryor would take the next day off . . . but he didn't.

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T.P. posted a video on his Twitter account that shows him working out on the day after he played three positions. In the video below, Pryor does a low-impact conditioning workout in a pool, to help him stay conditioned and speed his recovery.


Pryor is willing to do anything to help his team win. He even told cleveland.com that he would cut off a finger. "I'll be starting at receiver,'' he said. "But you know what? For this city, for the coaching staff that worked their butts off and my teammates, I'll do anything to help us win, anything, cut my finger off, do whatever I've got to do.''

Hopefully Pryor's hard work and determination are contagious.

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