Odell Beckham Jr.'s Jacked Cousin Terron Beckham Now Training for the WWE

Terron Beckham certainly looks the part of a WWE superstar. Check out his latest freakish workout.

Terron Beckham—the incredibly jacked, explosively athletic cousin of New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.—became an Internet sensation during his attempt to reach the NFL before this past season.

The fitness model hadn't played football since high school, but despite Terron's incredible Combine workouts, his tryout with the New York Jets didn't work out and he didn't catch on with an NFL team. Now the 5-foot-11, 230-pound Beckham is training for a different career path—WWE Superstar.

Beckham recently posted this impressive clip on Instagram:

"There is training for @wwe and then training for @wwe @fbaftermath #style," Beckham writes in the caption (his Instagram handle is @FBAftermath).

Beckham also posted a longer video of his workout on his YouTube page (warning: the video contains explicit language):

In the caption for another Instagram post, Beckham explains why he shifted his focus from football to the WWE:

Yesterday was the start of my #wwe strength and conditioning training, to follow my journey make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel (link in bio) don't miss out, each and every one of you plays such a big part in my success you all are my motivation to never quit to keep pushing forward and to stay motivating others. Football is still there, but when #God opens doors for you, you must not ignore it. #Blessings come in many ways.

It's hard to imagine the WWE won't be impressed with Beckham's physique, strength and athleticism. During his Pro Day earlier this year, he smashed 36 reps on the 225-pound Bench test, ran a 4.47 40-Yard Dash and leaped 44.5 inches on the Vertical Jump.

Endurance is a critical part of pro wrestling, and Beckham is now working out in an elevation training mask to improve his breathing. All of those drills with the heavy bag should translate well when it comes time to start slamming fools on the canvas.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock