Test Your Mental Toughness With iPhone Apps

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Building mental toughness is no easy task, but fear not. The Sport Performance Assessment [SPA]  iPhone app is here to help you hone in on crucial performance attributes such as confidence, focus and proper preparation.

Developed by Dr. Chris Stankovich, a leading expert in the field of sport performance, the SPA enables athletes to self-test their mental toughness and devise customized strategies for long-term athletic success.

"This is the toughest part of athletic preparation that athletes don't often get," Stankovich says. "They learn about physical training and the skill sets, but it's the mental toughness they never get. We designed an app that will easily bridge that gap and help them perform with great confidence."

The original, all-inclusive SPA app helps you develop basic mental skills for improving performance. Then, take your game to the next level with sport-specific apps, including ones for baseball, softball, wrestling and golf. Football, basketball, soccer and tennis apps are launching in the fall.

The original SPA costs $3.99, and sport-specific apps are $1.99 each.

Here's what you get:

  • A 50-question assessment measuring five critical elements of mental toughness, including confidential testing and assessment
  • Immediate results showing your personal strengths and weaknesses, displayed in colorful graphs
  • Trend data capture, allowing you to compare your scores and measure your progress
  • Detailed performance reports with specific customized tips based on your individual scores
  • Unlimited testing and feedback, so you can track your progress throughout the season and career

Find the original SPA app and sport-specific apps at the Apple app store. Learn more about the SPA apps by visiting Dr. Stankovich's website, drstankovich.com.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock